Taming the Wicked

After marrying into 1970’s rural life, Zora, a young foreign woman from neighbouring Croatia, attempts to adjust to her new life and responsibilities. However, she soon faces challenges that test her spirit. While initially welcomed by the new family, they grow distrustful and restrict her from doing anything around the house. Her superstitious mother-in-law accuses her of bringing bad luck to their home, cattle, and crops. After experiencing a miscarriage due to the emotional and physical toll, Zora begins to lose her grip on reality.

In today’s age, a young actress and a director travel through a desolated Slovenian village, researching a role and interviewing older residents. The director already has a vision that he softly imposes on the interviewees. Travelling between the appointments, they discuss how they could change the real stories to fit better into a dramatic narrative.

Back in the late 70’s, devastating events unravel one after the other. Zora finds solace in the forest and returns home, offering her mother-in-law an opportunity to start anew. The film questions the function of narratives and their use in justifying a flawed system and convincing individuals to accept their place within it.

A feature film in development, written by Dominik Mencej and Dijana Mencej, directed by Dominik Mencej.

Supported by the Slovenian Film Centre and Creative Europe – MEDIA.

written by:

Dijana Mencej & Dominik Mencej

directed by:

Dominik Mencej


Jerca Jerič & Andraž Jerič

supported by:

Slovenian Film Centre & Creative Europe - MEDIA


Film-making collective, established in 2013. Producing features, shorts, music videos, and experimental films.

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