Girl of the Night

The uneventful and aimless life of an alienated kleptomaniac gets unexpectedly complicated after he steals a bike from a stubborn girl who believes herself to be a real crime fighting superhero.

Twenty-something Rok works the night shifts at a sleepy small town gas station and slowly develops kleptomania that eventually makes him want to steal bigger things. His night-time routine is interrupted by a mysterious girl with a bloody forehead who seeks help to stop the bleeding. Rok helps her with the secret intention of successfully stealing her bike, only to learn that she’s allegedly a superhero with flying powers who fights crime at night. To solve the complication he’s gotten himself into, Rok joins her in fighting crime and investigating the disappearance of her bike which he himself has stolen, but in doing so he only starts digging himself a deeper hole from which he may never emerge.

A sophomore feature film by Luka Marčetić (Paired Up, At Hostar), supported by the Slovenian Film Centre.


shooting planned for:

Q1 2024

written & directed by:

Luka Marčetić

director of photography:

Lev Predan Kowarski


Jerca Jerič & Andraž Jerič

supported by:

Slovenian Film Centre, Viba Film


Film-making collective, established in 2013. Producing features, shorts, music videos, and experimental films.

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