Ester Ivakič starts shooting her debut in picturesque Prekmurje under a new title

Cameras finally started rolling on Ester Ivakič’s debut feature Ida Who Sang So Badly Even the Dead Rose Up and Joined Her in Song, previously known as Neither Voice. The first part of the shooting is set to take place in the Prekmurje region in North-Eastern Slovenia and will consist of 35 shooting days.

The cast includes 11-year-old Lana Marić in her onscreen debut in the role of the titular protagonist Ida, with more seasoned actors Judita Franković Brdar and Matej Puc joining her in the role of her parents. The rest of the cast features Milena Stropnik, Miranda Trnjanin, Mila Peršin, Petja Labovič, Lara Maria Vouk and Eva Stražar, among others.

The project has been in development since 2018, with financial support from the Slovenian Film Centre and the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme, and was developed through the MIDPOINT Feature Launch programme in 2020. The majority of production financing is provided by the SFC, with co-production support from RTV Slovenija, Gustav Film, Film Factory, and Dinaridi Film (Croatia).

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