Producer Andraž Jerič part of MIDPOINT Cold Open workshop

MIDPOINT Cold Open is a workshop programme that targets independent producers with some background in film production who wish to expand their work towards high-end television series, a market that is surely on the rise all over Europe and the world. For the second time the programme has selected 8 producers this year, which also include our very own Andraž Jerič.

Andraž previously produced our first feature Consequences but has always been looking towards serialised content as well. He also produced and managed the first season of the renowned webseries Paired Up and has always felt Slovenia also deserves much more high-end series of various genres.

The Cold Open workshop will run for three days (online only) during the When East Meets West market and will contain group sessions and individual consultations, overseen by Gabor Krigler (Joyrider) and Marike Muselaers (Lumiere Group) who will act as the group’s tutors.

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