Lost Years

A small-town clerk meets a foreign girl and together they embark on a single day journey through the Hungarian countryside on a quest to find her lost backpack, while slowly realizing that the world out there is far larger than he could have ever imagined.

It’s 1999. Bors works in a grocery store in a small village in Vojvodina where nothing ever happens. Time passes by as he dreams of leaving on the local bus that comes and goes once a day. Suddenly a foreign girl enters the store while the bus drives away with her backpack. Bors decides to help her as they jump on his rusty motorcycle to chase after the bus. They quickly get lost in the fields, get soaked by a summer storm, meet a man preparing for an encounter with the aliens, and get drunk at a local wedding. They also fight and make up, but most importantly they realize they have a lot in common; when Bors tells her he was raised by his grandma, Tana reveals she is in search for her real mother. After finding the backpack Tana soon bids goodbye. Bors returns home happy about the adventure but sad knowing that nothing as exciting is ever happening again. As he returns to his routine, he quickly realizes that he does have the courage to leave and finally hops on the bus to drive away.

A feature film debut by Aron Horvath, supported by the Slovenian Film Centre. Developed as part of the First Films First workshop.


written & directed by:

Aron Horvath


Jerca Jerič & Andraž Jerič

supported by:

Slovenian Film Centre


Film-making collective, established in 2013. Producing features, shorts, music videos, and experimental films.

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